Lindsey J. is a leading expert in for Image Consulting. Lindsey J. from Dallas, TX was exposed at a very young age to the worlds of contemporary art and fashion by her parents. With her grandmother’s influence and access to countless fashion treasures, she developed a very strong passion for vintage and all things fashion forward. Receiving a Bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising from the University of North Texas helped nurture her passion for fashion. There she was trained in personal fashion styling, textile selecting, as well as visual merchandising. As a Dallas, Tx based wardrobe stylist self­-made entrepreneur who continues to curate signature looks that allow clients to be unique and make a statement. The creative vision runs a gamut from masculine to feminine; vintage to modern. Lindsey J has also produced, directed and styled various fashion shows and photo-shoots. As a personal fashion and photo stylist, she has dressed hundreds of clients, providing each client with one ­on­ one service to select the perfect garment for their body type, lifestyle and occasion. Lindsey J. strives to encourage understanding your body and who you are! You do not have to be a starlet to hire a personal stylist. We all deserve the personal attention and guidance to what makes us look our best!